The Lotus Effect

the unique ability of the lotus to draw water up, wash away debris, and transcend adverse conditions

Every woman’s body is as unique as the woman herself, just as no two lotus blooms have exactly the same petals. Beauty doesn’t come in one package nor one shape or size. You have curves. Celebrate them. Embrace them. Feel comfortable in your skin, and in everything you choose to wear.

Like our namesake suggests, the Lotus Effect is what we all aspire to do, be, and have every single day. We celebrate the lotus’ ability to bloom in the most adverse conditions. But even more, we celebrate its ability to bead and wick water away, shedding the dirt and debris, rising to a higher level, and floating above the muddiest water. This ability is known as the Lotus Effect. This sense of renewal, purity, and tenacity inspires our design vision through every step—from selecting the fabrics and suppliers to crafting the superb finished product.

Whether you are looking for that diverse piece that makes you look smashing in every way, or you’re looking to dress in a way that puts you in touch with your innermost truth, Lotus Effect is the perfect choice.

spring/summer 2014 Lookbook

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