Fashion Alchemy

the art of transforming something common into something precious

Our lives are full of events, people, and influences that can affect our mood, our energy, and our ability to thrive. The philosophy at Lotus Effect is to fashion clothing that instills enhanced vigor for staying on your positive path, using each daily experience to enlighten your consciousness.

Make no mistake—at Lotus Effect we use the term Fashion Alchemy in a near literal sense. For us, fashion is more than aesthetic. It’s about personal expression and strength. It is about healing and growing and evolving into greater balance, greater awareness and achieving the pinnacle of higher consciousness.

But we also love beautiful, appealing lines with bold accessories that are on trend. And we also love sexy clothes with a wow factor. The great news is that Lotus Effect designs speak to all of the above.

Fashion alchemy can, but doesn’t have to be, a way of life. It draws upon the advantage of knowing you have your inner strength to guide your day—that you have clothed yourself in such as way as to:

  • Awaken more refreshed
  • Enhance your personal strength
  • Rejuvenate your vitality
  • Bolster your confidence

The wisdom we impart in each piece is with conscious purpose. These are more than mere affirmations. This is clothing with a purpose. It is about fashioning your life and future into what you most desire and dream... 

spring/summer 2014 Lookbook

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