Fashion is about expression. It's about awareness, that conscious effort to look and feel your best, that conscious nod to trends, and the conscious effort to highlight our best assets. Whether you're fashion-conscious, conscious about the environment and wearing natural fabric, or wanting to take a new conscious approach to shaping your day, Lotus Effect is about clothing you can experience life in. Our intent is to bring you the kind of sumptuous—yet wearable—designs that go effortlessly from home to work to dinner... and then back home again.

In the words of Carl Jung, Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. At Lotus Effect, we are always conscious about our designs, our fabric choices, and the wisdom we infuse. We make the same conscious effort as a company to make conscious choices about our environmental impact, our supply chain, and our sourcing. It’s that continuous consciousness that we impart to you. In a way, our clothing is always speaking to this consciousness. 

But don't take our word for it. We believe that when you put our clothing on, you'll feel enveloped by something so much more than just a luxurious, breathable, flattering piece. Each design is infused with so much more—a conscious purpose. It's that little something extra to enhance your confidence, boost your energy, and awaken your own inner light.

When you wear Lotus Effect and someone asks you why you look so great today, you'll smile, knowing part of the secret is within the clothes you consciously, sometimes painstakingly, selected. You can say, "That's because I consciously chose to have a marvelous day." And, you'd be telling a greater truth...

spring/summer 2014 Lookbook

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